Vendor Services

Vendor Services

Financing gives your clients more options when considering acquiring equipment or vehicles. Financing is an option that can quickly solve your customer’s needs, increases your sales, and improve your financial position.

Leasing helps dealers close sales. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when it can be paid on a fixed monthly payment rather than having to incur a major capital outlay. Additional equipment can also be acquired for an incremental increase in the monthly payment. Because lease payments take less of an annual budget than a major cash outlay, funds remain in a customer’s budget to acquire more equipment, more often.

Vendor Benefits

Allows customers to acquire equipment of higher quality and in bigger volumes since leasing translates into less up-front cash and low monthly payments

  • You can finance new or used equipment
  • We finance installation, freight, soft costs, etc
  • Helps you hold your profit margins by having us sell the equipment, rather than the price
  • Faster credit approval for your customer
  • Improves repeat business by allowing your customers to upgrade to new equipment or add on to existing models
  • Non-recourse to dealers

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