What are the advantages of leasing your equipment?

Tax Advantages

Lease payments are fully tax-deductible as an operating expense which come out of before-tax dollars, or current income, not from after-tax dollars. In many tax situations, it is more advantageous to deduct the full lease payment than to depreciate the vehicle value. Please contact your tax advisor with questions specific to your need.

Conservation of Bank Credit Lines

A lease offers an additional line of credit, conserving your valuable bank credit lines which should be reserved for working capital, short-term needs, and unbudgeted opportunities. Leasing offers off-balance sheet financing.

Leasing Protects Against Inflation

New and up-to-date equipment may be leased today and paid for with tomorrow’s inflated, less valuable dollars.

Improves Cash Flow

Lease payments can provide a superior cash flow compared to loan payments, especially in the early years of equipment use.

Lower Initial Costs

Our leasing requires an initial investment generally of only a first lease payment in advance of 15% of the equipment cost. Most bank financing requires at least a 25 – 45% downpayment or equity position in the equipment.

Retains Capital For Earnings

Retaining capital by leasing allows full employment of capital for earnings. This can represent a savings over financing which may require a larger investment in the equipment.

Permits Payment Flexibility

Lease payments can be tailored to meet your cash flow needs even if the business is seasonal. Thus, your payments are timed for the use of the equipment when earnings are generated.

Simplifies Budgeting

Preparing and projecting a budget can be simplified as lease payments are known and fixed

One Stop Financing

All your financing is handled by one source. Your finance specialist at Legacy Financial will handle all documentation.

Ease of Application

Our lease plan offers a simple credit application asking only pertinent information. No financials or tax returns are required on transactions less than $50,000.

Fast Response

We offer a 24-hour decision turnaround for your credit approval on most transactions.

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